Hairini Marae

Our marae is a platform for traditional discussion and debate, a place for learned discourse, customary oratory, laughter, nostalgia and sharing sorrow and tears. It is an area immersed in history, philosophy and genealogy; a place of spiritual and emotional refuge and a place to worship.

The original name of the Hairini area was Ohau. For generations, Ngai Te Ahi has occupied the lands of Hairini, Ōhauiti, Kaitēmako, Poikē, Waoku and parts of the Waimapū and Taumata. They share these areas with neighbouring whanau and hapu of Ngati Ruahine, Ngai Tamarawaho and Ngati He. Historian Fiona Hamilton’s report “Ngai Te Ahi Historical Report WAI 370” provides a more comprehensive historical account of Ngai Te Ahi from the early 1800’s to late 1990’s. A Social Impact report written by Tiraroa Reweti provides personal accounts of Ngai Te Ahi history from interviews with koroua, kuia, pakeke and rangatahi.