Nominees for the 2015 Trustee Elections 17th October 2015

Parewhati Taikato

He uri o nga papaka o Rangataua ahau. He uri o Titihuia raua ko Mokohiti Reweti ahau. He mokopuna o Maihi raua ko Te uru Taikato ahau. Ko Matini raua ko Pua Taikato oku maatua. Ko Parewhati Taikato toku ingoa. Ko Gabriel taku tamaiti.

Specialisations/ skill sets: Raranga, Maori Art, Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Anthropology, Social Science, 1998, 1999, Masters of Social Science 2000.

Positions held: Crew of Te Aurere Waka 2012-13, ESL Teacher, Japan & South Korea.

Atarangi Whiu

He uri ahau na Titihuia raua ko Mokohiti Reweti. Na toku kuia a Haumarama Kawe I whakato te kakano ki roto ia matou I nga ahuatanga o te kāinga o Hairini. Heke iho mai taua akoranga ki toku mama a Te Iria Whiu a ka whai haere tonu nga uri a Titihuia ma I o rātou tapuwae kia tutuku nga ohaki I waihotia e ratou. Na reira koinei taku kia mahia tonutia I nga mahi hei whakakanohi, whakatīnana hoki I o rātou mahi kia ka tonu te ahi o Whakapaukarakia.

I am passionate about improving outcomes for Maori.

Positions Held: Managed/ led teams at Te Kohao Health, ALAC, Te Puni Kokiri, Implementation of Governments flagship policy, Whanau Ora. Parliamentary advisory roles to Ministry of Social Development, Office on Hon Tariana Turia and Office of Hon Hekia Parata.

Brett Keno

Ko Lee Paihana Keno (Mangu) taku Papa. I was born, raised and reside in Wellington. I have helped the Ngai Te Ahi Trustees develop the trust investment planning framework, and provide advice on request around financial investment providing clarity in times of uncertainty.   I have a passion for carving Oamaru and have my own workshop. I continue to consult with Iwi, hapu and organisations when required.

Specialisations/ skill sets: Victoria University, Bachelor of Commerce and Administration – Maori Business (Major)

Positions held: Directorship in Puwhenua Forestry Block (current), Directorship of Ngati Ranginui GP Ltd. General Manager for Taupo Moana Funds Management renamed Iwi Investor.


Erle Reweti (Current Ngai Te Ahi Trustee)

I returned to live in Tauranga in 2005 after having lived and worked in both Melbourne and Wellington. I have worked in Information and Telecommunications since 1990, in Corporate, Business – Business sales and development for over 20 years. The opportunity to help build the Hapu settlement package into strong economic foundation we all deserve is a passion of mine.

Specialisations/ skills sets: Telecommunications, Law, negotiations.

Positons held: Trustee, Directorship Te Papa Property Investments Ltd, Sales.

Desiree Matahaere

I am passionate about growth and wellbeing of maori organisations, especially Whanau Trusts, local Hapu and Iwi. I see my BBA degree and future Chartered Accountancy as pivotal to contributing to their betterment. I believe it is my responsibility to my family and future generations to ensure Iwi, hapu and organisational activities, management and decisions are accountably fair, robust, beneficial and sustainable.

Specialisations: Community services, administration, accounting.


Avy Gardiner (Current Ngai Te Ahi Trustee)

As one of the inaugural Ngai Te Ahi Raupatu Settlement Trustees, and current Vice Chair, I am excited about returning for re election. My experience and institutional knowledge to date will advantage the hapu moving forward, and into consolidating and building on gains, which is pivotal in determining and securing sound economic and cultural advantage.

Areas of specialisation/ skills set: Public Health and Indigenous Research. Research, analysis and cultural continuity.

Positions held: Ngati Ranginui Iwi Health Project Manager.


Michael Holmes

Tena Koutou e nga iwi o Ngai Te Ahi. I offer my skills and life experience to serve the Hapu. I am committed to working diligently toward developing our Hapu to the point where we have long term sustainable assets, income and community relationships for current and future generations to benefit from and grow. I would be honoured to be given the opportunity to serve.

University of Auckland – Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting & Marketing (Major).

Skill sets: NZIM Business report writing

Positions Held: National Sales Manager, Business Director, Regional Manager, Accounts Manager